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The Dutch have a special word to describe “cosiness”, “comfort”, but it’s also something that goes a little beyond that. “Gezellig”. Pronounced correctly, it kinda sounds like you’re clearing your throat, but this blog explores its meaning by documenting experiences that make life richer and deeper; through food, family, and the making of a home.

Mid Century Modern

by amanda on September 11, 2014

This past Monday we went out! To see a film! In the “big” city of London! How un-parent-ish is that? It was actually a documentary called “Coast Modern”. The synopsis goes something like this “Travelling along the Pacific North West coastline from LA to Vancouver, the film showcases the pioneers of West Coast Modernist Architecture, and the homes that have become their legacies.”
Midcentury modern (MCM) design has made a huge comeback lately, and I am happy to get in on that trend. I’m not a purist by any means, however. I just feel the clean lines in this type of furniture help anchor the more fun accessories you might like to use to embellish a room. My first purchase would have to be this awesome brown chair I bought at the Great Glebe Garage Sale in Ottawa years ago.
Then of course there’s our fabulous dining room fixture: a white spaghetti lamp purchased from a small antique shop here in town. A mere $69, my friends.
My most recent purchase is our master bedroom dresser, which is totally reminiscent of the furniture my parents had when I was growing up. This piece came from Funky Find, a great London local retailer of MCM pieces (636 Dundas Street; no website, sorry!).
Mid Century Modern dresser

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