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The Dutch have a special word to describe “cosiness”, “comfort”, but it’s also something that goes a little beyond that. “Gezellig”. Pronounced correctly, it kinda sounds like you’re clearing your throat, but this blog explores its meaning by documenting experiences that make life richer and deeper; through food, family, and the making of a home.

Noritake Progression China

by amanda on October 22, 2014

Noritake Progression China LogoCan’t even tell you how it all started. Somehow I came across some pieces on Etsy of some great looking vintage china. Somewhere in the back of my mind that thought stayed with me.

Then, during one of my usual haunts to BFM (Bibles for Missions, which in these parts, is THE place to thrift shop) , I came across a 10 piece set of the stuff. In perfect condition. I believe I spent all of $2.50 snatching it up. I love the feel of these cups; thick but not so thick that you feel like you’re biting into porcelain; wide but not so wide that you can barely get your hand around it. They even fit in the expresso maker.


But it got even better. During one of my other favourite activities (i.e. skimming Kijiji), I came across someone selling the coffee pot in exactly the same pattern [Palos Verde, if you must know]. $10 sealed the deal.



Now I’m not such a matchy-matchy person that I’m looking for the entire set. But I will say that I have browsed time to time for a butter dish or a serving platter at the right price and so far, no luck. Doesn’t even have to be in “Palos Verde”, which is the pattern that my pieces are. Any of these patterns would be great! Nothing says vintage more than that last pattern, Mardi Gras!


UPSA DAISY [From “venturasis” ‘s Ebay store]


TRESSA [From “mamattson” ‘s Ebay store]


MARDI GRAS [From “AmyriMarket” ‘s Etsy store]

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