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DIY Design

by amanda on October 7, 2015

Two things that got me thinking about how the world is changing. In every way, there is so much DIY design happening: in music, books, and art. No longer are these industries reserved just for the pros and big publishing/recording companies: the available tools and learning that’s happening out there is slowly changing the way we do just about everything.

In the world of graphic design, things aren’t so different. With thousands of stockphotos and fonts available to the average person, many people are choosing to do their own designs rather than source out a professional. Most of the time, this works out great, and the results are getting cheaper and cheaper to produce.

I went to a webinar hosted by RGD last week entitled the “Future of Type“. Laura Worthington, one of the panelists on the webinar, confirmed this phenomenon. She is a type designer; specially cursive, pretty fonts that are all the rage right now. She admitted many of her clients are not looking for custom, one-of-a-kind lettering; most of them are DIY-ers who are savvy and creative and looking for the next great typeface to use on their scrapbook/invitation/book.

One really great site I stumbled upon that will help you out enormously is called Creative Market.

I mean, just look at some of this stuff!





Why am I telling you to do your own design? Won’t that put me out of a job??

I don’t think so; the world is changing and we have to change with it. There is still very much a place for professional design; after all, how do you ensure your logo has the right colour consistency across print and digital media? How do I ensure my printed work has images that come out crisp and clear? And what does the term SEO have to do with my site? There are still many things a designer can offer you; all you have to do is ask!



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