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The Dutch have a special word to describe “cosiness”, “comfort”, but it’s also something that goes a little beyond that. “Gezellig”. Pronounced correctly, it kinda sounds like you’re clearing your throat, but this blog explores its meaning by documenting experiences that make life richer and deeper; through food, family, and the making of a home.

The Lost Ones

by amanda on March 15, 2016

You know that traditional image of writers, furiously scribbling away at a paper, only to get frustrated, scrunch the paper into a tight ball, and toss it over their shoulder? What’s the contemporary equivalent? Pressing really hard at the backspace button?

…Part of any creative process involves throwing out a lot of ideas, and branding development/logo design is no different. Not all of the ideas are great; so the trashbin is where they are likely to best reside.

However, once in a while, a little part of me dies when I see an idea I secretly championed rejected. Of course I learned long ago not to take negative feedback personally, but still. So I figured maybe this blog would a good place to give these rejected logos one last place to shine before they are shelved away forever. Most likely I will still draw on them for inspiration, as I obviously still like them and some aspects could possibly find a home elsewhere.


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