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[re]launch of Professional Website

by amanda on September 30, 2015

You know the old saying that the last project a contractor will do is his/her own house? Well, in terms of revamping my site, I couldn’t have put it off much longer than I did.

Although I really loved my old site, I began to realize, from a marketing point of view, it was somewhat confusing. I mean, where do you click first? What speaks to you as a visitor?



So, in trying to find my niche, i.e. where my work really shines, I had to think long and hard about many things:

1. Who do I want to appeal to?
2. What would those people want to see?
3. How can I be crystal clear about my offerings?

As simple as the answers to these might seem, they actually take a lot of work and sorting out. To help me out, I relied on several sources:

1. Seth Godin’s online course entitled “Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course
2. A pre-release version of a book by Mike McDerment, co-founder & CEO of FreshBooks, entitled “Crack the Client Code”
3. A free 30 minute consultation with Ilise Benun, owner of Marketing Mentor. Ilise even blogged about the site in its development stages over here.

The result?



I’m finding the process is still a journey, but I’ve learned to be more focused in my efforts. Whatever I do, I should keep my eye on the prize, as they say.

What do you think? Would welcome any thoughts you have on the new design…

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