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The Dutch have a special word to describe “cosiness”, “comfort”, but it’s also something that goes a little beyond that. “Gezellig”. Pronounced correctly, it kinda sounds like you’re clearing your throat, but this blog explores its meaning by documenting experiences that make life richer and deeper; through food, family, and the making of a home.

3 day room makeover

by amanda on February 28, 2017

Just a quick post to show you a fun project I helped out with back in January. A friend of mine, Becky Ong, decided to surprise another friend, Kim Parker, by do a super quick reno of her basement while she was away. The basement held very little charm; it’s sole decorative accents being a hideous electric fireplace and a large mural of an underwater scene, complete with a caricature of the Little Mermaid. I can’t believe we didn’t take before pics! This whole post woulda been a lot more interesting!

In any case, despite its dark, unappealing look, Kim regularly uses the space for messy crafts and the like.  But just of the think inspiration she could draw from a tidier, funkier space! So a bunch of ladies showed up one night, cookies and wine in tow, and we got to work repainting and moving furniture. Over just a measly few days the walls, closet, and doors took on some lovely colours. Becky also snagged some great vintage furniture to round out the space. I was so impressed with Becky’s prowess that I wanted to share the after pics here. Can you believe the couch she snagged off Kijiji!!?

3 day room makeover 3 day room makeover
3 day room makeover 3 day room makeover

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