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The Dutch have a special word to describe “cosiness”, “comfort”, but it’s also something that goes a little beyond that. “Gezellig”. Pronounced correctly, it kinda sounds like you’re clearing your throat, but this blog explores its meaning by documenting experiences that make life richer and deeper; through food, family, and the making of a home.

Cookbook business part II

by amanda on May 21, 2018

One of the first things I thought might be most obvious would be to document a little of how that whole cookbook thing turned out.

To say it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience is an understatement. There were several months of antique shopping, which included the craziest junk yard and several trips to a metal recycling plant. Then there was a couple of months of photoshoots: long days involving a series of of chefs revolving through the door. Each would bring their ingredients and tools to recreate the recipe and it was my job along with Alieska Robles to decide what props to put together, including surface, textiles, plates and utensils. The creative process can be pretty exhausting, as I found!

Yes, we got to try the food most of the time and yes, it was fun. It was also a great deal of dishwashing, sweeping, and setting up equipment. But it wouldn’t have been worth it if there wasn’t any work involved!

Alieska has now spent the last few months putting the actual book together. It’s a huge undertaking; having the recipes rewritten to have the same voice; writing original stories for all the producers mentioned in the book, the photo retouching-the list goes on and on. I’m really proud of how detail-oriented Ali has been and how she has been keeping her sanity through it all!

We’ll be submitting the book for print verrrrrry soon – so so super excited to have a real, live thing in my hands!


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